Ceramic Coating is a coat of liquid film which is placed just above the car paint over the top of the car. Its primary objective is to give the car a shiny and glossy appearance. The thikness of the coating added over the top coat of the paint is arounded 2 microns. In the real world climate, it can not be seen by our naked eyes. The most important and beneficial thing about ceramic coating is security. It offers protection against dust,UV rays, rust, oxidation, corrosion, scratches, and hydrophobic layer is also added. This hydrophobic coating works against dirt,dust and more as a defensive barrier. This also offers protection against the weather. The ceramic coating’s ability to withstand scratches is measured by its hardness (H). This may varies from 1H to10H, depending on the brand, the cost may varie. Wax may also be applied over it after the ceramic coating  is finished. Kindly remember, there should be no ‘cleaners’ in the wax