To provide a high gloss finish, foam wash removes spots and streaks. It safely removes dust, dirt and debris caused by rain, snow and bugs. It’s basically an external dressing, including a full-service wash, wheel cleaning, tire dressing and fragrance. Consider a regular foam wash for it in order to preserve your car’s worth. Snow foam produces a white layer of foam that covers the entire vehicle entirely and that,usually for around 10-15 minutes, is left to do its magic.

There will usually be less grit on the out side of car as we rinse of the foam, so you don’t have to worry about scratching when cleaning. By using advanced technology, the water consumption need for washing is reduced by 45%. The combination of car wash detergent, compressed air and water is used to manufacture foam that produces a white and lustrous snow foam consistency. The tools used for adding foam to cars are pump action compressed air bottles and hose-attached dispensers.